Can You Program a New Key Fob Yourself?

One of the first things you may wonder when your house key fob is damaged is – can you program a new key fob yourself? Is it really, absolutely necessary to give your key fob to a professional emergency locksmith for repairs?

These are good questions and quite pertinent ones. Here we discuss whether you can fix your damaged key fob yourself or if you should contact a Kansas City locksmith like our team at Speedy Locksmiths.

Signs you need to program your key fob

Before we understand whether it’s feasible to program your key fobs at home, let’s consider the signs you need to look for. These should indicate that the time has come to get a new key fob programmed:

  • Your key fob is faulty and doesn’t work all the time.
  • Your key fob has a delayed response.
  • Your key fob doesn’t work from far.
  • Your key fob has stopped working completely.
  • You see a dent or damage to your key fob.
  • Your key fob is missing and you quickly need a replacement.

Key Fob

Step by step process of programming your house key fob

  • Replace the battery
    Sometimes, you may not need to fully program your key fob. You will only need to replace the batteries and your key fob will start working again. There will be a small groove on the fob device, which you can use to pry the fob apart and replace the batteries.
    After replacing the batteries, try opening/closing the door to see if the key fob works.
  • Buy an aftermarket key
    If new batteries don’t work, you may need a new key fob altogether. For this, you can buy aftermarket fobs.
    Aftermarket key fobs are unbranded key fobs that you can purchase in any hardware store.
    These key fobs come without any programming and can be programmed to suit your building or vehicle.
    Identify which type of aftermarket key will be most compatible with your house and then purchase it accordingly.
  • Programming house key fobs
    Your house key booklet will contain the specific instructions you need to follow to program your key fob. Usually, you will need to use the master code, the key fob number and pound key in a specific combination to program the key fob.
    If you’ve done it correctly, the display on your house key fob should show a green light or a number blinking in green.

Can you program a key fob yourself each time there is a problem?

Yes, you can – provided you follow the above instructions correctly.

But, if you don’t have experience programming key fobs, there is a chance that you may make a mistake. Even a small error can make it extremely difficult to remove the old programming and replace it with a new one. Plus, there is also the risk that you may misidentify your key and get the wrong aftermarket key fob. This will set you up for failure from the start.

To fix this problem, you’ll end up spending a lot of time, effort and money on key fob repairs. This is apart from the discomfort of being locked out of your home for extended periods of time.

Locksmith in Kansas City

Why should you trust an experienced locksmith for key fob programming?

An experienced locksmith, like our team at Speedy Locksmith, will have years of experience programming key fobs. They’ll be able to not only identify the real issue with your key, but they’ll be able to quickly program the key fob, allowing you to return to your routine in no time.

Our Kansas City Speedy locksmiths, in particular, have helped hundreds of customers fix their house key fobs and car key fobs through quick programming.

We can find the cause of the problem, get the right aftermarket key fob from trusted sellers, and program your fob in a matter of hours.

We offer extremely budget-friendly programming services, ensuring you don’t have to spend a ton fixing your key fob.

So, instead of wondering can you program a key fob yourself and then worrying about how to do it, bring your key fob to us and allow our specialists to work on it.