Is there a key in my key fob

‘Is There A Key in My Key Fob?’ is one of the most common questions many new car owners ask. The new cars in the market today pack in high-tech features that were not found in older cars. The fob’s new functions go beyond only locking and unlocking doors, making chirping sounds for locating it in the parking lot and remotely starting the car.
Knowing if there is a mechanical key in your fob will help you avoid getting stranded when your key fob malfunctions or runs out of battery.

Hidden features of the key fob

Although each manufacturer offers different features in the key fob, most of them allow you to lower your windows. To do this, you need to press the unlock button once and then within ten seconds, press it again and hold till windows have opened. You can also hold the lock button on your key fob for ten seconds to fold your side mirrors when parked in tight parking spaces.

In some car models, you can use the key fob to set seat preference so that it knows automatically who is driving. If two or more people are sharing the car and there are multiple key fobs, each fob can remember each driver’s preset radio stations.

features of the key fob

Is there a key in my key fob?

Many owners of push-button start cars are unaware that the key fob also hides a mechanical key inside it. This is to ensure that owners can unlock the door on the driver’s side if the battery of the key fob or the car battery run out or when the key fob malfunctions.

You can access the mechanical key by pushing a button on your fob and then pull the key out. The key slot is obvious and visible on the door handles of some car models, while in some others, the key slot may be located behind the handle of the door. You can see the slot when you pull out the door handle. There are also some car models that require you to remove a plastic cap beside the door handle to find the key slot underneath.

In some key fobs, the release mechanism is also not very obvious. If you can’t find a button to release the mechanical key, look more closely at your fob. Remove any leather jacket on the fob. Typically, you can find a small catch that allows the mechanical key to spring out.

Once you get in your car and your car has keyless entry, it is important to know where the key slot is located to start the car. Some models like the Mazda have the key slot on the steering column. Some models also have a backup system built into the fob that can work without the need for a key.

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Getting your key fob repaired or replaced

Key fobs, remote head keys and car remotes work by transmitting electronic codes through radio waves to a receiver that is inside the vehicle. Your key fob has a small microchip that transmits the code when you press the button. When your car is within the typical range of about 30 feet, the receiver processes the code to open the door or start the car.

The batteries in the key fob last for few months if you are using it daily or regularly. Exposure to cold temperatures can also reduce the life of the battery. Over time, the battery may wear down, which makes the fob less effective. It can also malfunction when there are broken contacts within the circuit board that interfere with the code’s transmission.

No matter what the source of damage is, contacting your local automotive emergency locksmith who specializes in key fob repair is the best way to solve the problem.

You now may have the answer to ‘is there a key inside my key fob?’. You can ensure your key fob functions as it should by calling an expert automotive locksmith – Speedy Locksmiths – in Kansas City.