Program a Car Key with a Chip

A lot of new car owners have been asking, “How do you program a car key with a chip?”. In order to understand how you can program a key, let us first see what it is exactly.

A transponder key is a key that uses a microchip that is created inside the head of the key. This microchip transmits a signal from a key that is received by a receiver located remotely.

The role of the receiver is to interpret the accurate serial number for enabling the locking or unlocking of a vehicle.

Transponder keys are often used with both car locks and home security devices.

In a vehicle, when you enter your key in the vehicle to unlock it, the receiver situated near the ignition receives a message. If the electronic serial number in the key is the same as the one programmed in your vehicle, the unlocking will be successful and you get to drive your car.

Transponder keys are very helpful for preventing auto thefts, thereby keeping your vehicle secure and giving you peace of mind.

Programming a car key using a chip

How do you program a car key with a chip?

If you have a vehicle that contains a chip key system, you will need a programmed key to switch on the ignition system in your vehicle. You may program or reprogram your chip keys within a few minutes by using the transponder key.

The first step in the process involves putting your key into your vehicle’s ignition and turning the key around to “ON”. Let the key remain in this position for about 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

After this time interval, turn your vehicle back to the “OFF” position. Repeat these steps for one or two more times and leave the key in the “ON” position for the same duration.

Once you have finished the above steps, turn your vehicle to “ON” so that your programming sequence is completed. Now you can start your car with the programmed key.

If you notice that the programming didn’t work, it is best if you consult a professional. Anyone who has skills and a set of auto repair equipment, like your local emergency locksmith or the local auto dealer, should be able to assist you.

Why is a programmed car key with a chip considered more secure?

Transponder keys are believed to keep your vehicle more secure than traditional keys. A programmed car key helps to prohibit car theft from occurring by preventing the ignition lock from unlocking.

This happens when the car is unable to match the code programmed in the key’s microchip with the one programmed in your vehicle. Having a digital verification system thus reduces the chances of theft from happening.

Establishing a digital unlocking system allows you to change your combination multiple times if you need to. This lowers the chance of another person breaking your vehicle’s code to get access to your car.

Car Locksmith in Kansas City

Where can I get help if I lose my transponder keys?

In case your keys are lost, locksmiths can help. They are able to assist with issues related to replacing old transponder keys and programming new keys.

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