How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Fob Key?

Most modern car owners wonder, ‘how much does it cost to replace a fob key?’.

In earlier days, you could just walk over to a hardware store and have a blank key copied and cut without having to shell out a large amount of money.

With car keys going high-tech, replacing them is not simple anymore. While these sophisticated key fobs offer a lot of convenience, if you were to ever lose them or they get broken, replacing them is expensive.

Key types

Most new cars feature a push-button system, a keyless entry system of both. Basically, modern cars have one of these types of keys/remotes:

  • Basic key -This has a security chip and locks/unlocks doors and starts the car when you insert the key into the key cylinder on your car door.
  • Remote and ignition key -Apart from the ignition key, there is a remote for locking and unlocking doors.
  • Key fob, which allows you to remotely lock and unlock car doors, along with push-button start.
  • Key fob for keyless entry and push-button start that controls almost all functions in the car.

How much does it cost to replace a fob key?

As per an automotive analyst, the cost for replacing the high-tech key fobs ranges from $50 to $400 based on the brand and car model. This cost relates to only the fob.

You will have to add $50 to $100 for getting the replacement fobs programmed for your car in addition to getting a new backup mechanical key made.

cost of fob key replacement

The exact cost of replacing a fob key depends on the type of fob key and the car model:

  • Smart key replacement cost
    A keyless entry uses rolling security codes where the system randomly chooses the correct code to prevent hacking. Car thieves use ‘code grabber,’ a device that helps them crack the code. The computer in the vehicle recognizes the code that the smart key emits and verifies it prior to starting the engine. One of the first car makers to use this technology was Mercedes-Benz. Almost all Mercedes Benz models use a type of smart key. Despite the smart technology, these keys are not entirely theft-proof and some tech-savvy thieves have managed to access the car through a smart key. The most expensive key fobs are of top European car brands, such as Mercedes Benz because of the advanced rolling-code encryption they use to prevent theft.
    The cost of smart key replacement and programming ranges from $200 to $500 or more for certain luxury vehicles.
  • Older models
    Key fob replacement and programming for other cars such as Lexus can cost $374 in dealerships, while some models of BMW keyless fobs can cost $500. Older models may cost slightly less, depending on the make and model. The basic transponder key of older Ford cars can cost $200 for the fob and new key.
    Keys of older models of Honda Accord, as per a consumer report, can cost about $200. However, this will not include the cost of programming. You may not be able to program the key yourself for many car models.
  • Laser-cut key
    Laser cut keys have transponder chips built-in and need sophisticated machines that are more expensive as compared to standard machines. Only certified emergency locksmith will have these types of machines. Replacing laser-cut keys can cost you $250.

Reduce your cost by having your fob key replaced by a locksmith

A great way to minimize the cost of your key fob replacement is to avail the services of your local Automotive locksmith.

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