Can a Locksmith Make a Key from a Broken Key?

So, you have a key that’s broken in half. Typically, you’d call the locksmith, but can a locksmith make a key from a broken key?

The answer is – Yes, they can.

In this article, we’ll focus on how emergency locksmiths use a broken key to make a brand-new replacement key for your car or your building in Kansas City.

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How can a locksmith make a key from a broken key? – The process

The process of cutting a replacement key from a broken key follows these steps:

  • Removing the broken key from the lock

    Before you go ahead and commission a new key to be made using the broken piece you have, you need to remove the other section of the key from the lock. While it may seem like an easy thing to do, we recommend you don’t try to pry out the key from the lock yourself.
    You won’t be as familiar with your locking system as a professional locksmith would and there is a chance you may damage the lock completely. So, call in a qualified locksmith and ask him to come in to remove the broken key from the lock.
    The only time your locksmith doesn’t need the broken pieces to make a new copy is if he has the Vehicle Identification Number of your car and can get all the details he needs from it. Or, if he has extensive experience cutting keys for the same type of house/office door.

  • Identifying the type of key

    Once your locksmith removes the broken section from the lock, he works to identify the type of key you’re using. It’s important that you know that not all types of keys can be copied and re-cut when they break. Take high-security keys, for example. Only an authorized locksmith with the right technology will be legally allowed to make a copy of the broken key.
    If your key is the kind that can be easily copied and re-cut, your locksmith will identify what technology the key uses. For example, is it a conventional key without a key fob or is it the master sliding card key?
    This information will help the locksmith decide how to copy the key and cut a new replacement key.

  • Noting down the breaks and damage on your broken key

    How the key breaks can impact how easily the broken key can be copied.
    If the break is at the base of the key and all the notches/indentations are clearly visible, it’s very easy for your locksmith to copy the key. But if the break occurs near the top portion of the key, your locksmith will need to study the make and model of your car (if it’s a car key). Or even the locking system used on your door (if it’s a house/office key) to identify its technical specifications.
    If, for example, the part of the key containing the transponder chip breaks, then the key cannot be copied. You will need to re-program a new key and get a brand-new transponder chip to help it function.
    Your locksmith will be able to advise you about all of this and also the cost of the copying after he studies all this.

  • Making a copy of the broken key

    Once the locksmith has all the information he needs, he will either cut the key on-site or take the broken pieces of your old key to the store and make a copy there. Making a replacement copy of a key from a broken key can take just a handful of hours and you’ll receive your spare in no time.

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How Speedy Locksmiths can make a brand-new key from a broken key

At Speedy Locksmiths, we have years of experience offering replacement key cutting services in Kansas City. Our locksmiths have helped hundreds of customers quickly get a spare key when their original broke in the lock.

We offer emergency locksmith services. So, if you’re shut out of your car or trapped inside your house/office because of a broken key, don’t panic. Just give us a call and we’ll get to where you are very quickly. We can easily pry open the door for you and also do a comprehensive examination of the type of key copying you need.

So, don’t worry about questions like “can a locksmith make a key from a broken key?”. Because our team at Speedy Locksmiths can and we’re here to help you. Contact us to get a copy of your broken keys.