Can You Extract The Key Out Of The Lock?

If you have broken your key in the lock, you must be wondering, ‘Can you extract the key out of the lock?’ A broken key in a lock feels like a big emergency, and your first instinct is to try and find out ways to get it out of the lock.

Very often, you can resolve the issue yourself using a few simple tools. One thing to never do is try to insert the rest of the key in the lock. You may like to think that you could open the lock by inserting the remaining part of the key. However, you will only push the broken part farther into the key, making it even more difficult to get out.

How can you extract the key out of the lock?

Some simple stuff lying around the house may come in handy to extract the broken piece of the key. You may need stuff like bobby pins, safety pins, paper clips, and button pins to get the piece out.

Is it possible to extract a key out of a lock?

If you need to extract a broken key out of the lock, you can try the following:

  • Tweezers
    The first thing most people grab when trying to pull out a broken key from a lock is a pair of tweezers. If your tweezers are too thick, you may end up pushing the key farther into the lock. However, if a portion of the broken key is protruding from the lock, your tweezers may just do the trick.
  • Jigsaw blade
    A thin piece of jigsaw blade can also be useful in getting the broken piece of the key out of the lock. The thinner the blade, the better it is for the task. To get the key out, place the blade in the keyway in such a way that the serrations are pointing towards you. The blade goes in easier that way and can hook the key more easily. You may need to try multiple times because getting the key out in the first attempt may not be as easy.
  • Broken key extractor
    A broken key extractor could be a professional way to approach the problem at hand. You can buy one at your nearest hardware store. To use the extractor, you need to place it along the biting of the key. The idea is to try and hook the teeth of the key to the hooks on the extractor. Try to turn and pull once you have placed the extractor the right way. It may take more than one attempt, so keep trying.
  • Probe and pull
    You can use two thin pieces of metal to probe and pull the key out of the keyway. You would need to place the metal too far inside, just enough to put pressure on the key to pull it out. You may need to pull the key towards you bit by bit. At times, you may also need to try prying out the broken piece of the key. The metal pieces you use may get bent in the process, so don’t use anything valuable to you.
  • Super glue
    You can use super glue to try and attempt to get the broken piece out. However, you must be extremely careful when using this method because if done improperly, you can do more harm than good. Also, this technique will only work if the broken key is still accessible. You will also need a small piece of wire or a match for this. Put some super glue on the end of the wire or match and hold it against the edge of the broken key. Don’t use too much or you will jam the lock. Wait for the glue to dry and both the wire and key to bind so that you can slowly pull it out of the lock.

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If none of the above tricks work, the best available option is to contact a professional locksmith. Call Speedy Locksmith today, if you are wondering “can you extract the key out of the lock?”.