How Do You Open a Lock Without Breaking It

Locked out of your car without a key? How do you open a lock without breaking it?

Car lockout can be a frustrating experience. If you have young kids inside who don’t know how to open the lock or there are pets locked inside, it can be particularly terrifying.

It helps to know how to open car locks without breaking them or damaging your doors/windows. In this guide, we offer tips that you can follow to open your lock and access the car, without breaking it.

  • Pick the lock
    Lock picking is a popular way to open a car door when you’ve been locked out. To do this, get a lock pick set. This set contains a tension wrench, a rake and a bunch of other lock picking tools that are suitable to pick a variety of locks.Insert the tension wrench into the keyhole.


    Make sure it faces the opposite direction from where the key’s teeth would sit when opening the door.

    Twist the wrench in the direction it faces. Next, insert the rake into the keyhole on the lock. Move the rake in the same direction you would the key. Twist the rake, pull it out of the lock, re-insert and twist the rake again.

    As you keep doing this, the key pin will move closer to the shear line. Once you feel this happen, twist the tension wrench again, in the direction it faces. Your lock should spring open immediately.

    Picking a lock is an easy task. But it can take some time to learn.

  • Use a knife, credit card or coin to turn the lock
    If the door has a flat lock, then a knife can help you open it. All you need to do is get a flat blade knife. Gently insert the knife in the space between the door and the strike plate on the frame.


    Your knife should be able to move up and down easily without getting stuck.
    Drag the knife downwards towards the lock and try to push the lock to the side as you pull the knife down. As you move the knife upwards and downwards, the lock should come loose and open.

    In a similar process, you can use a credit card or a coin to open your car door. When doing this, just be careful not to push your card/coin so far into the door that it falls through to the other side.

    5 Ways To Open Car Lock Without Breaking It

  • Insert a hex wrench into the keyhole
    A hex wrench also called an Allen wrench, is an L-shaped tool that can be used to open a locked door without breaking it. To do this, you’ll need to buy a hex wrench. Usually, you get sets of wrenches in different sizes, which allow you to choose the one that fits best into your lock.


    Find a wrench that fits snugly into the keyhole and push the wrench all the way in. As you push it in, make sure you turn it in different directions to loosen the latch. As you do this, the lock should give way and open the door.

  • Use your shoelace to open the car door
    Remove your shoelaces from your shoes. Tie a slip knot to one of the laces. Then holding one end of the lace in each hand, gently insert the shoelace through the gap between your door and the car’s body, at the top right corner.


    Wriggle the shoelace downwards until the knot reaches the door lock.
    Slowly place the knot around the door lock and yank the laces tight together so that the knot sits snugly around the door lock. Pull the two ends of the shoelace together tightly, and this should pull up the car door lock.

  • Call in an experienced locksmith to help
    The best and safest way to open a locked door when you don’t have the key, is to call in an automotive locksmith. There are a few reasons to do this.


    For starters, an experienced and trained locksmith will know exactly what to do, how much force to use and more importantly, what to avoid doing, when opening a lock without a key. This will ensure your door and lock remain undamaged and can be re-fitted properly later.

    Second, an emergency locksmith is a legitimate way to get into your car when you’re locked out. Just imagine what it would seem like if someone spots you trying to pick the lock.

    Third, many hardware stores in Kansas City don’t sell lock picking sets to car owners without a referral from a locksmith. This is done to prevent criminals from getting access to lock picking tools. But when you work with a locksmith, you never to have worry about any of this.

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How do you open a lock without breaking it in Kansas City?

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