What Happens if the Ignition Switch Goes Bad?

If you start noticing issues with your ignition switch, you may be asking yourself, “What happens if the ignition switch goes bad?” When you normally turn the car key in your vehicle’s ignition, a series of circuits start running to start your car without any break. If you do not see that happening right away, there might be an issue with your car’s ignition switch.

Let’s look at how you can identify that there are issues with your ignition switch.

What happens if the ignition switch goes bad?

If you are having trouble with swiftly turning your car key in the ignition, your ignition switch might have gone bad.

Move around the steering wheel while turning your key to make sure that the problem is not with the steering lock. Remember that having too many keys in your car’s key chain can cause pressure on the ignition switch and cause it to fail prematurely.

When an ignition switch is mounted at a distance from the key cylinder, it could suddenly stop running with a repeated absence in resistance at the key. A failure in the link connecting the key cylinder to the switch can cause this issue.

In addition, when a switch is mounted on the key cylinder, it might start functioning intermittently depending on the pressure and position of the key. In some cases, pushing the key while you are turning it around can help to fix the problem.

Corroded wires or damaged terminals could most likely be causing such problems or your ignition switch has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

Car does not start

A lot of owners experience trouble with starting their car when there is a malfunctioning ignition switch. This is mainly a culmination of wear and tear over multiple years.

Though there are multiple issues that could lead to a faulty ignition switch, a mechanic will be able to best diagnose the problem using high-quality tools.

Starter motor produces no sound

There is another way you can determine when you are having problems with your starter motor. Listen for the sound produced by the starter motor after you start the car. If there is no sound, there is a chance that your ignition switch has gone bad.

Ignition Switch

Flickering of dashboard lights

Although this is not a common issue, dashboard lights can also be affected if your ignition switch goes bad. You might notice your dashboard lights starting to flicker or shutting off completely, thereby distracting you when you are trying to drive.

Other electrical issues

An intermittent malfunctioning of the systems which are powered through the ignition switch is an indicator of your ignition switch becoming faulty. The starter circuit might cause this problem while the accessories circuit continues to provide power to your car lights.

When both the starter circuit and the accessories circuit malfunction and prohibit the smooth operation of your devices, your ignition switch is responsible.

Dangers posed by a faulty ignition switch

Slight problems caused by your faulty ignition switch can gradually become worse if left unrepaired. If the ignition switch randomly interrupts the power supply to the ignition circuit while you are driving, you could lose the power assist to your controls.

An electrical fire could start when there are ignition switches with loose or corrosive wires. In case the starter circuit becomes corroded, it can cause the starter motor to become overheated, which can be damaging for your battery.

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