How Much Does It Cost to Change A Door Lock?

How much does it cost to change a door lock? This question wouldn’t cross your mind unless there is an urgent need. Changing a door lock can seem like a lot of work. Yet sometimes it becomes unavoidable, be it because of security concerns, a lost key, or a door repair.

Instances like these are not uncommon in and around Kansas City. At such times, finding a residential locksmith who can do the job for you at an affordable price becomes a priority.

Statistics say that hiring a locksmith in Kansas City can cost you anywhere between $70 to $200 on average. But you cannot take that for granted. There are several factors involved which you have to take into consideration here.

How are the door locks being changed?

There are a number of ways you could get your door lock changed. You could either do it yourself, hire a professional locksmith or call for an emergency locksmith.

Each of these options would have different pros and cons and would cost you differently as well. So, let’s dig deeper into these options and see how they vary.

Cost of Changing a Door Lock

How much does it cost to change a door lock yourself?

A DIY project might seem like a low-cost option, but it all depends on the urgency and the need of the hour. If you are good with tools and know your way around changing locks, you may find it more economical to do it yourself. But before that, you need to ensure that you have all the tools that you would need to change a door lock.

If you don’t, you would have to add the cost of buying these tools to your budget as well. So, looking at the resources, let us assume you would need to buy some tools, a door lock and that’s about it. Seems like a good deal for sure. These few things wouldn’t cost you much.

The real investment here is not the money, though. It is the amount of time and effort that you’ll have to put in.

You will need to do a little research on the most suitable type of lock for your door. You can then either go to your local hardware store in the Kansas City area or order a lock online.

You may get a better deal online, but you’d then have to wait for a few days for the delivery. Then add to it the time and effort that goes into the installation.

The total cost of changing the door lock yourself

Taking all of this into account, you would spend:

  • Anywhere between $10 to $200 for a good lock
  • On average, 60 minutes to find a suitable lock (much more if you’re ordering online)
  • Another 60 minutes on installation (assuming you’re not an expert)

So, you see that although cost-wise it could be an effective option, it might not be the best idea if your need is urgent. If there are security concerns or if your door lock is completely broken, you should not wait too long to get your door locks changed.

How much does it cost to hire professional locksmiths?

Professional locksmiths can be a little costlier than your DIY project, but the value that you get is much higher.

A professional locksmith can complete the job much faster without you having to worry about a thing. The end result can also be much more satisfactory than doing it yourself and you can rest assured that your home is secure.

Residential Locksmith Near You

The cost of a professional installation may vary based on several factors. It would depend on whether you already have a lock or need them to get one for you. Then they would have to gauge the complexity of the installation and how much labor it would involve.

The number of locks you need to change can also be a factor. Some locksmiths can charge you on a per-hour basis, while some may charge per job.

So, the cost of hiring a good professional locksmith for changing door locks can stand anywhere between $60 to $200 in the Kansas City area. But the peace of mind that you’ll have is invaluable.

So, stop worrying about how much does it cost to change a door lock and get in touch with Speedy Locksmith for all your emergency locksmith needs in Kansas City.